Frequently Asked Questions

Is there something regarding our apps you can't quite figure out on your own? If you can't find an answer in FAQs bellow send a Q at We would really love to hear from you, so please don't hesitate to contact us. Like our apps we are also here to make your life better.


1. I'm missing a unit/category, what now?

FAVOURITES: for starters check if "favourite view" is enabled. In the category list you can switch between all and favourite by pressing ★ button in the top right corner. When inside a category, the ★ button is positioned on a keyboard bellow the delete button.

UNUSUAL UNITS: are disabled by default. Simply swipe right to Settings and enable them.

TIP US: If you're still missing a unit/category, please don't hesitate to tip us at We will add the most requested ones. We can even add some unusual categories, if they are Vert's user interface friendly.

2. You say Vert has more than 1000 units?! Man that's a lot but I only need some of them, not all. It's not very efficient looking for "my" units among hundreds of others. What to do?

Making Vert completely yours was our idea from the start. We suggest to star your favourite categories/units (double tap on a category/unit) and than use "favourite view". You can do this by pressing the ★ button in the top right corner of a category list. This way only those that are needed to get you through everyday life will show.

To filter units and see only favourites inside a certain category, press the ★ button on a keyboard below the delete button. If you need a category/unit that is not among your favourites, simply press ★ button and see all Vert has to offer. No need to go to Settings because all of this is handled directly from a Category list or picker.

3. I'm pretty sure I've found a conversion that is not giving me the right result. I know you will fix this, right?

Yes, we will but for a start we need to know which unit is not converting correctly. Please drop us an email at We will fix it a.s.a.p. and give you the credits for helping us making Vert even better.

4. Why is there no button for updating currencies?

Vert does all its currency updates automatically. Currencies are updated every time you launch the app in one hour intervals. So if you launch Vert twice (or more) within same hour currencies won't be updated until one hour after last update passes.

5. I really like the clothes and shoes converter, but why is this only for informative purposes?

Like you, we would also love to see this standardised. But it's not. We have checked loads of different data sets and really did our best to put the most accurate info onto your app. Sizes may differ notably between different manufacturers and brands. So when you are buying online and are not sure about the size, we suggest you contact their customer service (and ask Vert, just to check if it knows the right answer?).

6. I would really like to copy the result of my conversion. Is that possible?

Sure it is. Put your finger on the number you want to copy, wait for a moment for copy/paste buttons to pop-up. And yes, you are right, you can also paste the number and convert it.

7. Is it possible to simply switch the conversion from right to left?

Piece of cake. You simply tap on the selected number on the right side.

8. You say Vert supports URL schemes, right? Tell me how to use this.

Vert supports three actions; launching the app, launching with search bar and converting units.

URL: vertconverter://

Launch with search bar:
URL: vertconverter://search?value=[value]
TIP: If you want to start the app with a blank search bar, leave [value] empty.

Convert Units:
URL: vertconverter://open?category=[category]&from=[from]&to=[to]&value=[value]

  • [category] of the conversion you want to do (e. g. currency)
  • [from] specifies the source unit (e. g. gbp)
  • [to] specifies the target unit (e. g. eur)
TIP: Unit name and unit code are supported. Use '+' symbol for space (e. g. united+states+dollar) and '^' for potency (e. g. meter^2 or m^2).

9. I would like to use Vert abroad, where I will have no internet access. Will it work?

No internet, ha? Cruel, but this can happen. You will both be fine. All conversions are stored in Vert's memory, so no need for a connection there. Still there are two features, which rely on the web - updating currencies and automatic currency adjustment. If you are not able to access the internet, Vert will use the latest currency data, which should be just fine, since currencies are not changing that drastically daily.

It's a shame though you won't be able to use such a great feature as the automatic currency adjustment. The GPS will locate you but the longitude and latitude by themselves are just numbers. Vert also needs to know the code of the country you are located in.

10. Delete button is there, but can you also add a clear-all button on the keyboard?

Clear-all button is already there. Hold down the delete button for a moment and the whole number is swiped away. But not entirely, since you can later find it in your History.

11. Data size units seems strange, what's the thing here, mate?

Well Data size units might seem strange, this is due to a disagreement about how many bytes are in one kilobyte. The traditional definition backed up by computer scientists, memory manufacturers and other smart guys from IT industry consider a kilobyte to have 1024 bytes. This is standard defined by International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). On the other hand International System of Units (SI) and storage manufacturers consider a kilobyte to have 1000 bytes. We cover both - IEC and SI (all appropriately marked in the app).