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With Vert, we did our best to make converting a simple, efficient and visually pleasing experience. It is minimalistic in appearance but not in data. It knows more units than you will ever need and the way to get to them has never been easier.

Simplicity in the service of efficiency

Your time is precious. Vert enables you to be highly efficient. Only a couple of seconds stand between
you and the desired information.

Pixel perfect interface

Pixel perfect Interface.

Easy on the eye, brain and fingers.

Search made simple

Search made simple.

Find units by name or code.
Find currencies also by country.

★ your favorites

★ your favorites.

To create your favorite list ★ them.

Converting all units with 100% accuracy.

Each unit gets converted through a formula. No approximations. Lost in translation may happen
but lost in conversion – never.

centimeter/second², decimeter/second², meter/second², kilometer/second², kilometer/hour², inch/second², foot/second², mile/second², mile/hour minute, mile/hour second, yard/second², knot/second, gal (galileo), decigal, centigal, milligal, microgal, acceleration of gravity
degree, radian, gradian, angular mil (NATO), revolution, 1/2 circle, 1/4 circle, 1/6 circle, 1/8 circle, 1/10 circle, 1/16 circle, rhumb, local hour angle
inch², foot², yard², mile², milimeter², centimeter², meter², kilometer², acre, hectare

Chinese units:
háo (毫), lí (釐), fēn (市分), mǔ (畝), qǐng(頃)

Japanese units:
shaku (勺), gō (合), jō (畳), tsubo (坪), bu (歩), se (畝), tan (段), chō (町)

Uncommon units:
nanoacre, square, barn, microbarn, yoctobarn, american football field, association football field, Washington, D.C., Isle of Wight, Rhode Island, Prince Edward Island, Wales, Belgium, France, Texas, Alaska, China, USA, Russia, Earth (land), Earth (water), Earth
gram, dekagram, kilogram, ounce, pound, grain

butter/teaspoon, butter/tablespoon, stick of butter, butter/cup

egg, egg yolk

milk/cup, heavy cream/cup, cream cheese/cup, yogurt/cup

Flour & co.:
all-purpose flour/cup, bread flour/cup, cake flour/cup, pastry flour/cup, flour type 00/cup, plain flour/cup, rye flour/cup, self-raising flour/cup, whole wheat flour/cup, wholemeal flour/cup, semolina/cup, cornmeal (coarse)/cup, cornmeal (fine)/cup, rolled oats/cup

apricots/cup, cherries/cup, cranberries/cup, currants/cup, dates/cup, figs/cup, pineapple/cup, sultanas/cup

Nuts & co.:
almonds (sliced)/cup, almonds (ground)/cup, cashews/cup, hazelnuts/cup, macadamia nuts/cup, peanuts/cup, pecans (chopped)/cup, pecans (halves)/cup, pine nuts/cup, pistachio nuts/cup, walnuts (chopped)/cup, walnuts (halves)/cup, coconut (flaked)/cup, coconut (ground)/cup, chocolate chips/cup

short round rice/cup, long rice/cup, Basmati rice/cup, rice flour/cup

granulated sugar/cup, brown sugar/cup, icing sugar/cup, raw sugar/cup, caster sugar/cup, cocoa powder/cup, honey/cup, corn syrup/cup, molasses/cup

vegetable oil/cup, solid shortening/cup, gelatin powder/cup
United States Dollar, Euro, British Pound Sterling, Japanese Yen, Swiss Franc, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar, Swedish Krona, New Zealand Dollar, South Korean Won, Singapore Dollar, Norwegian Krone, Mexican Peso, Indian Rupee, Chinese Yuan, Silver (troy ounce), Gold (troy ounce), Bitcoin, Afghan Afghani, Albanian Lek, Algerian Dinar, Angolan Kwanza, Argentine Peso, Armenian Dram, Aruban Florin, Azerbaijani Manat, Bahamian Dollar, Bahraini Dinar, Bangladeshi Taka, Barbadian Dollar, Belarusian Ruble, Belize Dollar, Bermudan Dollar, Bhutanese Ngultrum, Bolivian Boliviano, Bosnia-Herzegovina Convertible Mark, Botswanan Pula, Brazilian Real, Brunei Dollar, Bulgarian Lev, Burundian Franc, Cambodian Riel, Cape Verdean Escudo, Cayman Islands Dollar, CFA Franc BEAC, CFA Franc BCEAO, CFP Franc, Chilean Peso, Chilean Unit of Account (UF), Colombian Peso, Comorian Franc, Congolese Franc, Costa Rican Colón, Croatian Kuna, Cuban Peso, Czech Republic Koruna, Danish Krone, Djiboutian Franc, Dominican Peso, East Caribbean Dollar, Egyptian Pound, Estonian Kroon, Ethiopian Birr, Falkland Islands Pound, Fijian Dollar, Gambian Dalasi, Georgian Lari, Ghanaian Cedi, Gibraltar Pound, Guatemalan Quetzal, Guinean Franc, Guyanaese Dollar, Haitian Gourde, Honduran Lempira, Hungarian Forint, Icelandic Króna, Indonesian Rupiah, Iranian Rial, Iraqi Dinar, Israeli New Sheqel, Jamaican Dollar, Jersey Pound, Jordanian Dinar, Kazakhstani Tenge, Kenyan Shilling, Kyrgystani Som, Kuwaiti Dinar, Laotian Kip, Latvian Lats, Lebanese Pound, Lesotho Loti, Liberian Dollar, Libyan Dinar, Lithuanian Litas, Macanese Pataca, Macedonian Denar, Malagasy Ariary, Malawian Kwacha, Malaysian Ringgit, Maldivian Rufiyaa, Maltese Lira, Mauritanian Ouguiya, Mauritian Rupee, Moldovan Leu, Moroccan Dirham, Mongolian Tugrik, Mozambican Metical, Myanma Kyat, Namibian Dollar, Nepalese Rupee, Netherlands Antillean Guilder, New Taiwan Dollar, Nicaraguan Córdoba, Nigerian Naira, North Korean Won, Omani Rial, Pakistani Rupee, Panamanian Balboa, Papua New Guinean Kina, Paraguayan Guarani, Peruvian Nuevo Sol, Philippine Peso, Polish Zloty, Qatari Rial, Romanian Leu, Russian Ruble, Rwandan Franc, Saint Helena Pound, Salvadoran Colón, Samoan Tala, Saudi Riyal, São Tomé and Príncipe Dobra, Serbian Dinar, Seychellois Rupee, Sierra Leonean Leone, Solomon Islands Dollar, Somali Shilling, South African Rand, Special Drawing Rights, Sri Lankan Rupee, Sudanese Pound, Surinamese Dollar, Swazi Lilangeni, Syrian Pound, Tajikistani Somoni, Tanzanian Shilling, Thai Baht, Tongan Paʻanga, Trinidad and Tobago Dollar, Tunisian Dinar, Turkish Lira, Turkmenistani Manat, Ugandan Shilling, Ukrainian Hryvnia, United Arab Emirates Dirham, Uruguayan Peso, Uzbekistan Som, Vanuatu Vatu, Venezuelan Bolívar Fuerte, Vietnamese Dong, Yemeni Rial, Zambian Kwacha, Zambian Kwacha (pre-2013), Zimbabwean Dollar
bit, byte

International System of Units (1 kilobyte = 1000 bytes):
kilobit (SI), megabit (SI), gigabit (SI), terabit (SI), petabit (SI), kilobyte (SI), megabyte (SI), gigabyte (SI), terabyte (SI), petabyte (SI)

International Electrotechnical Commission (1 kilobyte = 1024 bytes):
kibibit (IEC), mebibit (IEC), gibibit (IEC), tebibit (IEC), pebibit (IEC), kibibyte (IEC), mebibyte (IEC), gibibyte (IEC), tebibyte (IEC), pebibyte (IEC)
bit/second, bit/minute, bit/hour, byte/second, byte/minute, byte/hour

International System of Units (1 kilobyte = 1000 bytes):
kilobit/second (SI), kilobit/minute (SI), kilobit/hour (SI), megabit/second (SI), megabit/minute (SI), megabit/hour (SI), gigabit/second (SI), gigabit/minute (SI), gigabit/hour (SI), terabit/second (SI), terabit/minute (SI), terabit/hour (SI), petabit/second (SI), petabit/minute (SI), petabit/hour (SI), kilobyte/second (SI), kilobyte/minute (SI), kilobyte/hour (SI), megabyte/second (SI), megabyte/minute (SI), megabyte/hour (SI), gigabyte/second (SI), gigabyte/minute (SI), gigabyte/hour (SI), terabyte/second (SI), terabyte/minute (SI), terabyte/hour (SI), petabyte/second (SI), petabyte/minute (SI), petabyte/hour (SI)

International Electrotechnical Commission (1 kilobyte = 1024 bytes):
kibibit/second (IEC), kibibit/minute (IEC), kibibit/hour (IEC), mebibit/second (IEC), mebibit/minute (IEC), mebibit/hour (IEC), gibibit/second (IEC), gibibit/minute (IEC), gibibit/hour (IEC), tebibit/second (IEC), tebibit/minute (IEC), tebibit/hour (IEC), pebibit/second (IEC), pebibit/minute (IEC), pebibit/hour (IEC), kibibyte/second (IEC), kibibyte/minute (IEC), kibibyte/hour (IEC), mebibyte/second (IEC), mebibyte/minute (IEC), mebibyte/hour (IEC), gibibyte/second (IEC), gibibyte/minute (IEC), gibibyte/hour (IEC), tebibyte/second (IEC), tebibyte/minute (IEC), tebibyte/hour (IEC), pebibyte/second (IEC), pebibyte/minute (IEC), pebibyte/hour (IEC)
gram/milliliter, gram/liter, kilogram/liter, kilogram/meter³, ounce/inch³, ounce/foot³, ounce/gallon (US), ounce/gallon (UK), pound/inch³, pound/foot³, pound/gallon (US), pound/gallon (UK), slug/foot³
British thermal unit, MBTU, Therm, MMBTU, erg, joule, kilojoule, megajoule, calorie, kilocalorie, foot-poundal, inch-pound, foot-pound, watt hour, kilowatt hour, megawatt hour, gigawatt hour, ton-hour, horsepower-hour

Uncommon units:
gallon gasoline equivalent, ton of TNT, Hiroshima bomb, foe
dyne, kilogram-force, newton, pound-force, poundal
gigahertz, megahertz, kilohertz, hertz, millihertz, degree/hour, degree/minute, degree/second, radian/hour, radian/minute, radian/second, revolutions/hour, revolutions/minute, revolutions/second
mile/gallon (US), mile/gallon (UK), gallon/100 miles (US), gallon/100 miles (UK), liter/100 miles, kilometer/liter, liter/kilometer, liter/10 kilometers, liter/100 kilometers
lux, footcandle, phot, lumen/foot², lumen/inch², lumen/meter², lumen/centimeter²
mil, inch, hand, foot, foot + inch, foot (metric), yard, yard + inch, chain, furlong, mile, mile + foot, league, fathom, short cable, mile (nautical), mile (geographic), link, rod, ångström, femtometer, picometer, nanometer, micrometer, milimeter, centimeter, decimeter, meter, meter + centimeter, kilometer, kilometer + meter, astronomical unit, light nanosecond, light second, light minute, light year

Chinese units:
háo (毫), lí (釐), fēn (市分), cùn (市寸), chǐ (市尺), zhàng (市丈), yǐn (引), lǐ (市里)

Japanese units:
mō (毛), rin (厘), bu (分), sun (寸), ken (間), hiro (尋), jō (丈), chō (町), ri (里)

Uncommon units:
attoparsac, parsec, Potrzebie, beard-second, sheppey, smoot, horse, car, bus (US), bus (UK), blue whale, american football field, association football field, australian football field, Nelson's Column, Statue of Liberty, St. Paul's Cathedral, London Eye, Blackpool Tower, Washington Monument, Space Needle, Eiffel Tower, Empire State Building, Willis Tower, CN Tower, city block (Manhattan), The Great circle, Earth-to-Moon (avg), Earth-to-Sun (avg)
yocto, zepto, atto, femto, pico, nano, micro, mili, centi, deci, deka, hecto, kilo, mega, giga, tera, peta, exa, zetta, yotta
watt, kilowatt, megawatt, BTU/second, BTU/minute, BTU/hour, foot-pound/second, foot-pound/minute, foot-pound/hour, horsepower (international), horsepower (metric), horsepower (electric), newton meter/second, newton meter/minute, newton meter/hour, Ton of Refrigeration

Uncommon units:
manpower, donkeypower
pascal, dekapascal, hectopascal, kilopascal, megapascal, gigapascal, microbar, millibar, bar, atmosphere, kilogram/centimeter², kilogram/meter², pound/foot², pound/inch², kip/inch²,, millimeter of water col., centimeter of water col., inch of water col., foot of water col., millimeter of mercury, centimeter of mercury, inch of mercury, foot of mercury, millitorr, torr
millirem, rem, sievert, millisievert
meter/hour, meter/minute, meter/second, kilometer/hour, kilometer/minute, kilometer/second, minute/kilometer, inche/hour, inche/minute, inche/second, foot/hour, foot/minute, foot/second, mile/hour, mile/minute, mile/second, minute/mile, knots, speed of sound, speed of light
Fahrenheit, Celsius, Kelvin, Rankine, Delisle, Newton, Réaumur, Rømer
nanosecond, microsecond, millisecond, second, minute, minute + second, hour, hour + minute, day, day + hour, week, week + day, month, month + day, month + week, year, year + day, year + week, year + month, year (Gregorian)

Chinese units:
miǎo (秒), fēn (分), zi (字), kè (刻), xiǎoshí (小時), shíchén (時辰), shí (時), rì (日)

Uncommon units:
dog year, galactic year, nanocentury, microcentury, moment (medieval), moment (hebrew), Friedman unit, kardashian, fortnight, meter/speed of light, foot/speed of light, Earth to Moon with speed of light, Earth to Sun with speed of light, Sun to nearest star with speed of light, Earth to nearest galaxy with speed of light, Across the Milky Way with speed of light, shake
newton meter, inch-pound, foot-pound, foot-poundal
point, pica, inch, millimeter, centimeter, pixel (72 ppi), pixel (96 ppi), pixel (150 ppi), pixel (300 ppi)
pascal second, poise, pound/foot hour, pound/foot second, pound second/foot², pound second/inch²
teaspoon (metric), teaspoon (US), teaspoon (UK), dessertspoon (metric), dessertspoon (US), dessertspoon (UK), tablespoon (metric), tablespoon (US), tablespoon (UK), ounce (US), ounce (UK), cup (metric), cup (US), cup (UK), pint (US), pint (UK), quart (US), quart (UK), gallon (US), gallon (UK), microliter, milliliter, centiliter, deciliter, liter, dekaliter, hectoliter, kiloliter, megaliter, millimeter³, centimeter³, decimeter³, meter³, kilometer³, inch³, foot³, yard³, mile³, peck (US), peck (UK), bucket (US), bucket (UK), bushel (US), bushel (UK), barrel (US dry), barrel (US fluid), barrel (UK fluid), barrel (oil), acre-inch, acre-foot, board foot

Chinese units:
cuō (撮), sháo (勺), gě (合), shēng (市升), dǒu (市斗), dàn (市石)

Japanese units:
sai (才), shaku (勺), gō (合), shō (升), to (斗), koku (石)

Uncommon units:
hoppus foot, cord, twenty-foot equivalent unit, firkin, ngogn, barn-megaparsac, hubble-barn, olympic-size swimming pool, Royal Albert Hall, Sydney Harbour, shot glass (Albania), shot glass (Australia), shot glass (Bulgaria), shot glass (Brazil), shot glass (Canada), shot glass (Croatia), shot glass (Czech Rep.), shot glass (Denmark), shot glass (Estonia), shot glass (Finland), shot glass (Germany), shot glass (Greece), shot glass (Hungary), shot glass (India), shot glass (Ireland), shot glass (Israel), shot glass (Italy), shot glass (Kazakhstan), shot glass (New Zealand), shot glass (Poland), shot glass (Romania), shot glass (Russia), shot glass (Serbia), shot glass (Sweden), shot glass (Slovakia), shot glass (Slovenia), shot glass (South Africa), shot glass (South Korea), shot glass (UK), shot glass (US)
foot³/minute, foot³/hour, foot³/second, meter³/minute, meter³/hour, meter³/second, yard³/second, gallon/day (US), gallon/day (UK), gallon/minute (US), gallon/minute (UK), gallon/second (US), gallon/second (UK), liter/hour, liter/minute, liter/second
microgram, milligram, gram, dekagram, hectogram, kilogram, metric ton, carat, grain, pennyweight, ounce, troy ounce, pound, pound + ounce, troy pound, stone, stone + pound, quarter (US), quarter (ton), quarter (UK), hundredweight (US), hundredweight (UK), slug, short ton, long ton

Chinese units:
hao (毫), lí (市厘), fēn (市分), qián (市钱), liǎng (市两), jīn (市斤), dàn (市担)

Japanese units:
fun (分), momme (匁), hyakume (百目), kin (斤), kan (貫)

Uncommon units:
blintz, bag of cement (old), bag of cement (concrete), fully loaded 747, Jupiter, Sun
USA, UK, EU, Italy, Japan, Australia

USA, UK, EU, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Australia
fitted, letter, inch, centimeter

fitted, letter, inch, centimeter

fitted, letter, age, inch, centimeter
letter, US, UK, EU


US, UK, EU (cm), Australia
US, UK, EU, France, Mexico, China, Japan, Korea, Australia, inch, centimeter

US, UK, EU, Mexico, China, Japan, Korea, Australia, inch, centimeter

US, UK, EU, Japan, inch, centimeter, age
letter, US, UK, EU, Japan, Korea

letter, US, UK, EU, Italy, France, Germany, Japan, Australia

US, UK, EU (cm), Australia
safe/well-protected routes
UIAA, USA, UK Technical, UK Adjectival, France, Australia, South Africa, Norway

bold routes
UIAA, USA, UK Technical, UK Adjectival, France, Saxon, Australia, South Africa, Finland, Norway, Brazil

V Grade, Peak Bouldering Grade, Font Bouldering Grade, Sport Grade, UK Technical Grade

Automatic currency adjustment by country.

When business or pleasure sends you abroad, Vert will automatically recognize
your country location and set currencies* for you.

*164 world currencies in 245 countries and regions

It is always welcome to know more.

Those trousers on-line are size 8 in the USA but what size is that in Italy? And a shot of vodka in New Zealand
isn’t as generous as a shot in Russia. Ha? And you won’t forget, because Vert won’t forget.
(Thank us later.)


Clothing, hat & shoe size conversion

Because color should be your main worry.

Conversion charts are used for converting between different international clothing, hat and shoe size systems. Please note that these size charts are to be regarded only as a guide to help you find the correct size. Sizes may differ notably between different manufacturers and brands.


Unusual units

Because it’s fun and you will share it
with others.



Because we tend to forget.

You decide which color suits Vert best.

The vibrant set of colors is compatible with any iPhone, iPod touch and iPad device.
Match the color with your beloved device or simply choose the one you love.

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